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The Red Lake Indian Friendship Centre Team

We are committed to working with the Red Lake community to improve the lives of the Indigenous peoples.

Site 1 Staff

1 Legion Road, Box 244
Red Lake, ON, P0V 2M0
Tel: 807-727-2847
Fax: 807-727-3253

Peter Campbell

Executive Director
807-727-2847, ext 224
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Monique Tougas

Administrative Assistant
807-727-2847, ext 233
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Financial Administrator
807-727-2847, ext 227
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Meredith Beardy

807-727-2847, ext 221
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Indigenous Healing and Wellness
807-727-2847, Ext 231
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Apatisiwin Employment Counselor
807-727-2847 Ext 230
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Sarah Desforges

Indigenous Combined Court Work Program
807-727-2847, Ext 228
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Barb Laverdure


807-727-2847, ext 237
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Makenzie Sutton

Health Outreach Worker
807-727-2847, ext 230
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Ben Husack

807-727-2847 Ext: 222
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Tannis Bray

Life Long Care
807-727-2847, ext 232
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Michael Brunton

Kizhaay Coordinator
807-727-2847 Ext: 237

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Dawn Murphy

Kaabeshiwiin Non-Profit Housing 

 807-727-2847 Ext. 229

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Moozoons Child Care Centre:

Christine Tougas

Child Care Supervisor 727-2847 ext. 235

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Site 2 Staff

114 Forestry Road,
Red Lake, ON, P0V 2M0
Tel: 807-727-3000
Fax: 807-727-3790


Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children
807-727-3000, ext 32
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Gina Cessford

Akwe:go High Risk
807-727-3000, ext 22
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Courtney LeDoux

Alternative Secondary School
807-727-3000, ext 28
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Jacintha King

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
807-727-3000, ext 23
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Diane Bennett

Community Action Program for Children

807-727-3000, ext 30
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Isabeau Laverdure

CAPC Assistant 

807-727-3000 Ext. 30

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Mallorey Parsons

Early-On Coordinator 

807-727-3000, ext 31
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Jaime Coulson

Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living
807-727-3000, ext 24
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Ed Imbeault

Cultural Resources

807-727-3000 Ext: 26

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Site 3: Ear Falls Office

31 Pine St.

Phone: 807-222-3446

Site 4: Supportive Housing

Myrna Marcellais

10 summers Rd. Phone: 807-727-9898

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Site 5:”Encompass 7″ Youth Hub (E7)

117 Howey St. 2nd Floor, Red Lake


Wasa-Nabin Youth
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Lorrie Rolland

Gender Diversity/Office Support

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Amanda Laverdure

Healthy Kids

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Jodi McKenzie

Youth Employment Counselor
807-727-2847 Ext. 223

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