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Moozoons Child Care Centre

About the Moozoons Child Care Centre


At Moozoons Child Care Centre, we view each child as a gift from the Creator, as well as unique individuals who are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.

The Ojibwa culture is rooted in MNAAMODZAWIN – THE GOOD LIFE. Mnaamodzawin is a wholistic way of life that encompasses a relationship with all living things. Individuals living “The Good Life” experience and display joy, celebration, and the ability to give thanks.

Mnaamodzawin, along with the guidelines of the How Does Learning Happen? pedology, the four foundations of Belonging, Well Being, Engagement and Expression will be implemented with a Holistic approach, ensuring that children, staff and families live in harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

Health, safety, nutrition and well-being of children.

We know that the early years set the foundation for children’s health and well-being.

  • The brain’s architecture is shaped by a child's interactions and relationships with parents and other significant people in their lives.
  • Early brain development is stimulated through experiences and interactions with responsive adults.

At Moozoons Child Care Centre, we understand that the first step in establishing and nurturing health, safety and wellbeing for children in our programs is through the connections they make with the program staff, volunteers and students on placements.

Health and safety—as a licensed child care centre, we meet or exceed all health and safety requirements of the Ministry of Education and local government bylaws. Information is posted outside our program rooms on our “Parent/Caregiver Information Board” and others (for example the Anaphylaxis Policy) are provided in the Parent Handbook. You can also speak to our program staff at any time to view our complete health and safety policies and protocols.

Nutrition – Children will be provided with two daily snacks as well as a mid-day meal, which is in accordance with the Canada Food Guide / First Nations, Inuit and Metis Food Guide.

At Moozoons Child Care Centre our goal is to support positive and responsive relations between children, parents/caregivers and staff through:

  • Ongoing sharing of information by way of daily reports and /or email updates
  • Parent/Caregiver Information Board, regarding staff schedule, daily experiences, outdoor play
  • The use of the himama app

We encourage each child to interact and communicate in positive means, with staff supporting and strengthening their abilities to self regulate by:
Staff role modelling appropriate and positive means of communication.

In order to foster children’s exploration, play and inquiry caregivers:

  • Refer to the ELECT “Early Learning for Every Child Today” document to plan experiences and activities
  • Rotate and provide materials, toys and supplies that keep the children engaged and excited to learn

At Moozoons Child Care Centre, children learn through play.  Therefore, our goal is to plan for and create learning environments and experiences in which child’s learning and development will be supported by:

  • A curriculum which is based on play, is child directed through daily observations and cues from the children
  • Engaging children's natural curiosity of the environment by introducing elements of the outdoors
  • Providing a nature themed, calming environment

Our goal at Moozoons Child Care Centre is to continuously grow and re-evaluate our practice and methods of communication, in order to foster the engagement of and ongoing communication with parents/caregivers about the program and their children.

  • We encourage parent feedback, in correspondence through email or use of the centre’s Suggestion Box
  • Inviting parents and families to participate in childcare centre as well as RLIFC feasts and other activities and
  • Formatting a parent info page on the centre website

At Moozoons Child Care Centre we strive to use the environment and the community as the third teacher, and involve community partners and allow those partners to support the children, their families and staff.

  • RLIFC Program Coordinators are invited to support staff and families
  • Referring community resources such as Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Twice yearly we arrange an oral health screening with the Northwestern Health Unit, to inspect children’s teeth, provide fluoride varnishing and ideally instill positive views on oral health and teeth brushing and flossing
  • Regular visits to the Red Lake Public Library Moozoons Child Care Centre believes in providing a culturally relevant program.
  • Moozoons Child Care Centre provides children with the opportunity to develop and enhance an awareness and appreciation of Indigenous culture and language, therefore promoting essential personal pride in their Indigenous ancestry.
  • Children and staff will have the opportunity to use prayer, smudge, sing and drum, receive traditional teachings, as well as learn and live the seven Grandfather teachings
  • Being an urban-based service, Moozoons Child Care Centre will have children from varying Indigenous backgrounds represented in the Indigenous Community. An effort will be made to expose the children to other cultures and languages beyond their own mother tongue and cultural background.
  • Our Aboriginal community has a heritage history of the Anishinaabe Nation therefore the program uses this culture to develop
    the cultural aspect of the curriculum. Cultural advisors/Elders from our area will be used in the development of the program.

Family Age Group

Moozoons Child Care Centre is a small capacity, licensed family age group, which can care for a maximum of 15 children between the ages of 0-12.

There are many benefits to children interacting in multi-age groupings. Educators can encourage relationships and interactions between children of different ages. Older children have opportunities to mentor, assist and show empathy for younger children, building their own sense of competence and leadership. Younger children can learn from older peers as role models and supports in fostering complex play, creative thinking and problem-solving.

In recognizing that children develop and learn at different paces, the family age group creates opportunities to consider each individual child’s abilities and interests.

How Does Learning Happen?

Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years helps educators to plan for and create environments and experiences that respond to the varied abilities and each child’s unique characteristics of children enrolled while maintaining safety.


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